How to Choose the Best Driving School for You: Factors to Consider Before Enrolling

Driving is an essential life skill that enables individuals to move around and perform daily activities with ease. However, before one can get behind the wheel and hit the road, it is essential to learn the proper techniques and safety protocols required for driving. This is where driving schools come in. Choosing the best driving […]

The Role of Driving Schools in Improving Road Safety

Introduction: Road safety is a critical issue globally. Every year, millions of people die or get injured in road accidents, with most of the incidents attributed to driver error. Road safety is a shared responsibility of road users, policymakers, and relevant stakeholders. One of the most important stakeholders in enhancing road safety is driving schools. […]

Here are some of the defensive driving techniques you can learn at a driving school

Keeping a safe distance One of the most crucial defensive driving techniques is maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles. This distance gives you enough time to react to sudden changes in traffic, such as sudden stops or swerves. At a driving school, you will learn about the two-second rule, which states that you should […]